M/S Uttarkhan Model Town is a Joint Venture of three established & renowned companies in Bangladesh named Redeem Purbachal City Ltd. (C-100649/12), Apon Paribar Group Ltd. (C-106657/13) & Linnas Developers Limited (C-85651/10). After having an elaborate discussion in several meetings the above mentioned private limited companies are amicably & jointly agreed & decided to form, establish and maintain a partnership business under the name and style of “M/S Uttarkhan Model Town” for acquiring lands within Uttarkhan, Mausaid, Ujampur and Nirni Mouzas of Uttarkhan Thana and other adjacent areas within the Dhaka district, Bangladesh and developing said lands for making plots, constructing multi-storied residential and commercial buildings and for marketing the lands, plots, apartments and commercial spaces with the project named “Uttarkhan Model Town” with specific shares and obligations, as agreed between them. Accordingly the above mentioned parties made a partnership deed on 17th day of January, 2013 which has been registered under the Sub Registrar Office of Dhaka No. IV-3 dated 29TH January 2013, followed by a PARTNERSHIP FIRM formed in between the above mentioned companies under the Joint Stock Companies & Firms No. P-35368 dated 26TH February 2013 to set forth their respective actions, rights and obligations for operating, managing and maintaining the Project and determining its main features and principles whereas, the Parties herein have mutually agreed in together hands and efforts and held assistance and cooperation for procurement of businesses and running the affairs of the Partnership for the greater interest of all concerned.